Sunday, October 10, 2010

DC Announces Green Lantern Classics Wave 2!

So, as some of you may or may not have heard, DC has teamed up with Mattel to bring a whole new series of Classics figures to us fans. The Green Lantern Classics line has begun and the solicitations are out. Wave One features Sinestro Corps member Maash, Sinestro Corps member Low, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Black Hand, Black Lantern Abin (or Amon) Sur, a Manhunter and Collect and Connect Sinestro Corps member Arkillo. While that is an impressive line up for a first wave, it’s not very appealing to me personally. The only two figures I’m getting from that wave are Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Black Lantern Abin/Amon Sur.

But Mattel outdid themselves with Wave Two! Wave Two’s line up features: Red Lantern Skallox, Green Lantern B’dg, Red Lantern Dex-Starr, Ion (Green Lantern Sodam Yat), Green Lantern Mediphyl, Green Lantern Nautkeloi, Red Lantern NightLikk, Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris), Sinestro Corps member Despotellis and Collect and Connect figure Green Lantern Stel!

I’m DEFINITELY buying the entire wave so I can have the C&C Stel figure. But the only figures I’ll actually keep from the wave will be Green Lantern Sodam Yat, Green Lantern B’dg and Red Lantern Dex-Starr. Considering the amount of figures in this wave, I’m going to assume Dex-Starr, Depotellis and B’dg could one or all be extra figures packaged with various other full sized figures in the wave.

But here is a picture of each of the new figures courtesy of

Now tell me that Stel doesn't look AMAZING?! I personally believe that figure is worth buying the whole wave. Add to that the fact that I'm keeping Sodam, Dex-Starr and B'dg and I'd say I'm definitely getting my moneys worth.

Oh yeah, mattycollector shows that this wave will also feature a figure based off a Green Lantern from the upcoming Green Lantern movie. Unfortunately, they've shadowed the figure so as to not 'spoil' any fans with their solicitations.

But, fortunately for you, a friend of mine on the comic forums did some digging and found a CGI image of one of the alien GL's featured in the movie that seems to match up quite well with the suspicious shadow...

So there you have it folks, Green Lantern Classics Wave 2. Awesome sauce ain't it? What will YOU be buying? Don't forget to comment!

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  1. Great write-up! I agree, the Stel figure looks amazing! However, I'm pretty shocked they are making figs for some of these characters. Do they really think a figure for Green Lantern Mediphyl is gonna sell? Don't get me wrong, I think it's soooo cool. I'm just thinking from a marketing point of view.

    Keep up the great work here!

    The Irredeemable Shag